Yimeiliren has proudly announced the launch of the new lingerie collection with an abundance of both gorgeous and multifunctional fashion pieces to meet the demands of its customers.


Yimeiliren has been dedicatedly supplying high-quality lingerie to urban women. Supported by professional design and innovative ideas, Yimeiliren Lingerie has enabled urban woman to enhance their elegance and confidence.

The new collection infuses exquisiteness and elegance into every item with new high-quality materials and technologies to let eastern women enjoy unique and functional fashion underwear.

Designed to inspire women to embrace their inner sensuality and beauty, the new collection again allows our valued consumers to enjoy high-grade quality and functionality of Yimeiliren’s lingerie products.

Yimeiliren is a leading brand in China’s lingerie market, creating mid to professional lingerie products. The company focuses on using new high quality materials- to ensure every underwear piece that enjoys both fashion and function. The full range of products includes lingerie, shape wear, sleepwear, homewear, swimwear, and accessories.

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