The Victoria¡¯s Secret Fifty Shades of Grey fashion line is quickly shaping up to become one of the hottest must-have items of 2013.


Many curvaceous women have complained that the Fifty Shades line will not fit them, but VS has a workaround. According to Carly Parod, a spokesperson for VS, "We want to take the Fifty Shades line and branch out. The erotic novels are seen by many as ‘mommy porn’, so we want to make this exclusive underwear line accessible to women of all shapes and sizes. In the past, Victoria’s Secret has only catered for women of a certain type, but the Fifty Shades line will change all of this. Now women from all walks of life will be able to both afford and wear our underwear feeling as sexy as they should be!”


The tagline – “Let our secrets stay secret” – will also be written in “secret ink” somewhere on the underwear. People who buy this range will be able to read the tagline under a black light, but they won’t know where the tagline will be. This makes sense, as it fits into the whole “secretive” theme of the underwear.


There will also be a limited edition line released in several stores just days before the official launch date – this line will contain excerpts of the novel as well as the tagline. Only a restricted number of customers will be informed of the time and place of this exclusive sale. These customers will be able to find the locations and times of this incredible offer by tracking certain clues released over the internet. Once the customer figures out the clues, they will be able to text message an official phone number and will then receive the co-ordinates, time, and place of the special pre-sale over their phone.

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