Imanfen continues to offer a variety of comfortable lingerie to meet along with the requirements of different body types by launching the SS13 collection.


Made from micro fibers, Imanfen’s SS13 collection is smooth on the skin without feeling constrictive. Imanfen intimate garments are so silky to the touch and comfortable to wear.


The new collection features an anti-bacterial and odor control function to keep wearers feeling fresh and comfortable. Additionally, Imanfen has used finer fibers for the fabric in this season's line to minimize any friction between the fabric and skin, resulting in an even softer feel. All these qualities make Imanfen a great choice for women.


The company said, "A woman exudes an innate confidence and femininity when she wears garments that flatter her shape. We want women to feel beautiful in our pieces so we’ve designed them to be both sensual and practical.”


Located in Foshan, China, Imanfen has been in underwear business for more than ten years. Their product range includes bras, panties, corsets, and much more. Quality, Detail and Attention are the company’s core values.

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