Spanish brand Oysho represented ¡®White Nights¡¯ lingerie lookbook that includes all the cutest lingerie pieces in white and pastel tones. This collection personalises innocence and purity and if you are the lover of such styles you will surely fall in love with every single item of Oysho collection.

As I already said, the main concept of Oysho ‘White Nights’ lingerie collection is woman’s natural and pure beauty. The most gentle satin, lace, ruffles with polka dots are details that turn every item into a style statement.


Woman will not look more feminine and seductive than wearing lingerie with lace and ruffles. So what exactly Oysho lingerie collection includes? Lovely high waist knickers with polka dots, die-cut push up bras, foamless lace bras and many other sexual pieces are only the part of smashing collection perfectly suitable for your personal collection of lingerie.


Next best thing to be said about Oysho lingerie pieces is high quality fabrics that make all items very comfortable. Actually, this is very important factor when it comes to lingerie so make sure you choose high quality lingerie.


So, this is brief introduction of Oysho ‘White Nights’ lingerie lookbook and pieces included in this collection. Make sure you do not miss your chance to purchase the most beloved item.

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