Since there doesn¡¯t exist the two same leaves, then women can not own a pair of completely symmetrical breasts. As always, Women bras are designed into symmetrical and same sizes which is unreasonable. Recently, Fruit of the loom has designed into the unilateral bra needs to use taches to link each other from the front side. Then you can choose different kinds of sizes and prints to meet your own demands. Unilateral bra¡¯s price is also very favourable, only paying 5 dollars you can get it


About Fruit of the loom


For more than 150 years, Fruit of the Loom has fulfilled a promise to its consumers-a promise of quality, value and trust. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, it controls the quality of our garments every step of the way; it manufactures its own yarn, knit the cloth, cut the fabric, sew the garments, and package the product ourselves. When you buy Fruit of the Loom products, you can be assured of comfortable, up-to-date styles at value prices.


Fruit of the Loom has entered the Chinese market and hyped around the subways, which is supposed to publicize on the other print media and television media. The Chinese slogan“ fruits in your body” is of great fun making customers feel intimate and interesting. From the standpoints of product line, It has launched the lingerie collection which is not so abundant like American market. After all entering the Chinese market is  so long and do not want to elongate product lines but take the small-scale test strategy.


The saling sites choose in the supermarket to spread out the merchandising. The products can be bought in Wal Mart. Just paying 29.8 RMB, you can get two pieces of T-shirt. Such worthwhile prices are highly praised by customers.


Fruit of the loom is also the stable supplier of Euro&American custom-tailored internet sites. Threadless, zazzle and some other European manufacturers all employ it to make t-shirts, definitely including another frequently-used brand American Apperal. The advantage of using the trendy brand to make shirts is that many customers will more easily accept the intimate experience towards quality and size standard as they have owned accordant t-shirt. existing the t-shirt sizes always can not make the users be contented with, which can find a proper answer via this kind of stage. Chinese market still lacks a widely-accepted lingerie brand with snug and trendy elements as well as the worthwhile price; but Fruit of the loom combines all these kinds of traits to easily find a empty point in the market position.



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