Welcome to the Jungle: Latest Swimwear Trends Have Wild Side

Jul 23,

The latest swimwear trends have a wild side this season, with animal and tropical foliage prints seen on the runways at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014 at the Raleigh Hotel in Miami Beach.

Going Green is a Full-blown Lifestyle

Jul 15,

Going green is not just a trend anymore, but a full-blown lifestyle, and the fashion and beauty industries are taking notice. The San Francisco-based e-commerce startup Cuyana has raised $1.7 million based on a business model that emphasizes quality of quantity.

Mode City Unveils Lighter Fabrics as A Key Trend for AW14-15

Jul 11,

Lightweight materials will drive the lingerie industry into Autumn 2014/15 and beyond, an industry consultant has said.

Simple Analysis on SS13 Swimwear Trends

Jul 10,

As the weather getting hotter, sexy summer season comes. And when we talk about sexiness, of course, we¡¯ll never forget all kinds of fabulous swimsuits on the beach. In 2013 spring and summer, swimsuits with the less material are definitely gotten so much popularity. However, not all people can accept this, so one-piece swimsuit still occupies an important position in fashion industry. But the dif...

The Swimwear of Resort 2014: What's Hot

Jul 01,

Building upon spring's trends while also giving us a glimpse into the future, the resort collections presented swimwear styles that flitted the boundaries of sporty and sexy. To give you a run down of the best of them - as well as what's trending - here's a round-up of the hot bikini styles from resort 2014. Pack your beach bag and let's go.

Color Trend for SS 2013: Pretty Pastel

Jul 01,

Pretty pastel is the hot tone in recent seasons, if you look around. Clothes, underwear and accessories adore these soft colors. Pastel makes you calm, peace and delighted.

Mini Bra Dryer Becomes A New Trend

Jun 28,

Summer season is on the stage, hot weather makes us wash our apparels continually, especially women¡¯s bras. Bra washing has been becoming a concerned problem for women. A survey shows that humid environment is more likely to breed bacteria since bra absorbs so much sweat in summer, so it is so important to use a healthy and scientific way to wash bra. Haier washer has carried out a virtual network...

Hot Swimwear Trends in 2013

Jun 27,

Well, summer has begun over in America, so why not talk about swimwear trends to kick us off? Here are four hot summer swimsuit trends from the runway, and some little shopping ideas to bring it down a tone for real life.

Swimwear Trends 2013: Nautical Fascination

Jun 21,

The nautical navy style came back as a retro trend that emerged and quickly went overwhelming during the years from 2010 to 2011. Neat, smart-looking and distinctive, the style just won so many hearts and then stayed as a wardrobe staple these years. And in this summer 2013, the swimwear world has definitely got it back again! But that the trend came back does not necessarily mean it came back as i...

Swimwear Trends 2013: Florals for Men

Jun 21,

So let¡¯s face it. It seems like an undeniable and unchangeable truth that flowers are for ladies. Thus it really takes a man with a strong will and great self-confidence to rock such a feminine authority ¨C the floral prints. However, as we have already seen the rise of the mantyhose (pantyhose for men that we covered in our last feature), we now feel it is nothing weird that the floral prints get...

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