Winter Swimwear Trend: Neons

Dec 27,

Planning on hitting the beach over the winter months? Then you*ll want to take note 每 forget safe, flattering dark shades, this season fluoros are the colors to be seen in!

Sensitive Fabrics Summer 2015 Lingerie Trends

Dec 11,

The four trend proposals all Made in Italy from the designers at Eurojersey for the Summer 2015 Underwear and Lingerie collections are inspired by the natural elements: water, earth, air and fire.

Spring 2014 Colour Trends

Dec 04,

Color transforms and creates, shifting our ideas and changing our moods. Looking ahead to the spring / summer 2014 fashion season, we're in for color trends that take in earthy, sun-baked hues, cool, calm blues, and boldly clashing kaleidoscopes of color. Read on for the full report.

Lingerie Trends from SS14 Fashion Week 每Exaggerated Prints

Nov 26,

Prints are always the hot elements in Spring and Summer, and it seems that they always look no difference overall year after year. However, as a matter of fact, prints are really different if we analysis the details carefully. Well, we*ve learned the exaggerated prints are one of the popular trends from SS14 Fashion Week. Ok, let*s explore it together!

Lingerie Trends from SS14 Fashion Week 每 Pleats Please

Nov 26,

After enjoying the ※blue storm§ of the SS14 fashion weeks, here comes another major trend which is also from the SS14 fashion weeks 每 that is ※pleats§. Why? What makes ※pleats§ to be another trend of the next spring and summer? Here, let*s go back to the four SS14 Fashion Weeks to appreciate the glamour of ※pleats§. So, pleats, please!

Lingerie Trends from SS14 Fashion Week 每 Soft Structure

Nov 22,

Another year, another chance to update our lingerie wardrobes and shelves as fashion*s constant evolution takes new turns and SS14 Fashion Week at London, Paris, Milan and New York inspired new trends. Well, it*s worth mentioning that soft structure seems to be a hot trend from SS14 Fashion Week.

Lingerie Trends from SS14 Fashion Week 每 Blue Storm

Nov 22,

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Well, winter is almost at its ends in the northern hemisphere. Is your closet ready for the coming SS14? Here, the London, Milan, Paris and New York SS14 fashion week give us an extinct clue that it will be a blue storm in the SS14. Are you ready?

Kriss Soonik*s Rainbow of Bras

Nov 14,

In celebration of the Kriss Soonik*s fifth birthday coming up in February 2014, the UK brand is celebrating with a Rainbow of Bras 〞 a relaunch of its popular Silvia Bra and Maike Knicker styles in six gorgeous colors of French Lace.

AW13 Color Trend: Acai Purple

Nov 08,

Acai purple is one of the colors that Pantone has listed as an upcoming color trend for Autumn/Winter 2013. Being a mixture of blueberry purple and black, Acai purple is exotic, mystic, radiant and magical, which can be easily matched with a number of other colors for amazing Autumn/Winter looks.

Men*s Underwear Trend: Sports Style

Nov 07,

Men*s underwear in industrial textiles gets more and more popular, and underwear piece in bright colors become the options of more and more people now. The design of men*s underwear no longer only pursues the functionality, while underwear in scientific structure and scientific fabrics get more and more attention, since these underwear designs are good for men*s health.

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