For Becca's architectural background, naturally, she described Chromat as "the architectural experiments design for the human body¡±. Her face has showed up in many major magazines, including Vogue, V, Elle and Nylon. And a group of pop musicians, such as Grimes, Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks, wore her ¡°cage¡±, tiara and harness decorations in their concert tour or MTV. So today¡¯s interview is with the founder and designer of Chromat - Becca McCharen.

As a professional with the backgrounds of architectural design and urban planning, how did you create the brand "Chromat"?

My architectural design background is closely related to Chromat at all grounds. We learned theoretical knowledge from the school. From the initial site selection and materials research to the final completion of construction, it is the whole process. And it can be used as the reference standards in the designs of costumes. The whole process of building is progressive, and so as the process of costume designs. They share the same steps.


It is not easy to build your own brand. Have you encountered some difficulties at the beginning? And if so, how did you overcome them?

I started Chromat in 2010 when I lived in a mini-apartment in the city of Manhattan. All my possession was one household sewing machine. At that time, I always worked on my bed. And now we have our own large studio, where there are desks and machines, as well as a bunch of good people. Though we were subject to the space and cost at the beginning, we stick with it and finally we succeeded.

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