Geometric lace patterns£¬ crochet netting£¬ gold metal tassels and an energetic£¬ Bohemian spirit fill Seven ¡¯til Midnight¡¯s latest collection for 2016 ¡ª a romantic vision of fleeting moments in time. It¡¯s a beautiful collection and buyers visiting the Paris show later this month have chance to see the new pieces in person. In the mean time£¬ our readers can learn from Seven ¡¯til Midnight¡¯s Lisa Linh how an artistic way of life inspired key looks from the 2016 collection.


Lisa, the word Bohemian inspires images of a carefree, relaxed and creative lifestyle. How did this theme inspire the Seven ’til Midnight team?

We noticed that the “Bohemian” vibe was showing up often within runway shows and street style. We immediately fell in love with the Bohemian vibe due to its carefree attitude and creative approach to life. The combination of fabrics and trims are unconventional, similar to the free spirit attitude displayed in the Bohemian theme. We used this as inspiration for geometric lace patterns, crochet netting, gold metal tassels, and paid attention to the details of each design element. As a result, we have styles that are romantic and edgy, and are comprised of high-quality elements that force you to pay closer attention to the details.

Can you walk us briefly through the pieces inspired by the Bohemian Trend and as to why you have chosen these shapes, fabrics and colorways?

With our 2016 Collection, we introduced a geo floral lace that can be seen in styles such as STM-10626 and STM-10654P. With a boho vibe, we had to incorporate crochet and brought it in a lace form with STM-10630 (pictured above). This crochet lace bustier is a dreamy piece that is perfect for layering and wearing alone. We also added netting elements to crochet laces, seen in STM-10671P and STM-10659, to provide textured elements. While we have our classic babydoll, teddy, and bustier sets, we also are introducing a high-waist two-piece bra set (STM-10619). New color ways include turquoise, cerulean, purple violet, orchid purple, maraschino, watermelon, and heather grey.

What were the sources of inspiration behind these pieces? There are elements of tile work, architecture and more – what else?

We drew inspiration from our muse, a jet-setting gypsy also a called “Gypset”. With her love for traveling, we saw her often visiting the architectural structures of Morocco and were inspired by the tile designs and artwork there. Mixing elements together, taken from destination travel locations, we created artisanal elements within our garments that are distinct and separate us from others. The Gypset is also the girl next door who enjoys incorporating daywear outfits with her lingerie.

What is it about these pieces that set them apart from the rest of the 2016 collection? Are these styles also available in plus?

With mixed embellishments, showcased in styles such as STM-10626, we capture the essence of our Bohemian trend. Featuring a geometric floral galloon lace, crochet mesh wraps, and feminine lace racer back details – our styles within the 2016 Collection certainly stand out. Majority of the styles are available for our “Baby Got Curves” collection as well, which is being launched as a separate collection with its own dedicated catalog. All designs are made to be worn by everyone and flatter all body types, from all angles.

How do you hope customers will incorporate these pieces into their RTW collections? Any suggestions?

With these fun designs and easy-going styles, we hope our customers will welcome them into their RTW collection for a variety of occasions such as a night in or girl’s night out in town or music festivals. Mixing and matching with their day or night outfits are easy, as we have a wide range of designs that compliment all desired looks. In addition, we are debuting Strike, a capsule collection of sporty bras, bottoms, and tank tops for women on the go. From errands to the gym, these fashionable active wear styles are designed to keep you on the move with comfort and confidence.


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