2013 S/S China Fashion Week started in Beijing on October 24th, 2012, which lasted for 10 days till November 3rd.

There were 50 apparel brands and related fashion organizations from women’s dress, men’s clothing, wedding dress and shoes areas attended this grand event. 51 fashion designers at home and abroad held 44 fashion shows surrounded by women’s dress, men’s clothing, wedding dress and shoes. In addition, more than 150 new designers participated the design competition finals.

The Chairman of China Association of Fashion Design Li Dangqi said “ We combined the fashion shows and fashion design competition together this time. The fashion shows are about the fashion trends of the coming 2013 Spring&Summer, while the fashion design competition is for the designing talents to reserve forces. This is also the difference between China  Fashion Week and other countries’ fashion weeks."

As the first one of the fashion show, NE·TIGER released 2013 SS Senior Custom Clothes under the theme of “Hua Song”, which lengthened the brand spirit of “Connect Ancient & Modern, Integrate Chinese & Western”, and finely combined the elegant, gorgeous and simple apparel culture in Song dynasty and light, transparent and soft international fashion trends in 2013 together, leading the audiences to a peaceful situation and the new fashion of Chinese clothes.

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