30 years ago, foreign brands were virtually unknown in China. But things changes dramatically in these 30 years. China has grown from a underprivileged country to the world¡¯s largest factory, and become the engine of the world economy. Now, China is one of the largest luxury consumtion countries in the world. As more foreign brands enter into the market, how can local lingerie brand compete with global high end brands?


30 years ago, foreign brands were virtually unknown in China. China’s lingerie market was characterized by shortages, due to insufficient domestic production. Ten years past, China’s local lingerie manufacturer was still poorly manufactured from knitted cotton and featuring the most simplistic of design work. In the recent ten years, import products and foreign brands begin to be accepted by Chinese people and won their heart purely because foreign lingerie are safe, stand wear and tear, with good reputation and more attractive appearance, have greater diversity of choice and so on.
Nowadays, things changes dramatically. China, as the world’s largest factory, has relatively advanced manufacture capability and technology to provide high quality lingerie for the nation. And the Chinese product may not have lower quality than that of foreign brands. But people still intent to purchase foreign brands because their logo means good taste, high social status and fashion.
Although the lingerie market is still dominated by Chinese brands, as more global brands enter into China like Triumph, people will sure have a wider and greater choice. So, why should consumers still prefer local lingerie brands? What Product Attribute Matters When Purchasing?
In fact, China is such a big country that there is a big difference between northern to southern consumers. Even in one province like Shenzhen and Guangzhou, there is also differencece in demographic profile, language, and consumer preference as France is to, say, Germany. Considering that various types of consumer will have various answers and their answers will have large differences in various regions, we just focus on Guangzhou to conduct an interview and investigation on three main points:1) How Chinese consumers consider the choice of brands, 2) What product attribute matters when purchasing, 3) What drive their purchasing decision.
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