With influences of financial crisis and sluggish recovery of developed economies, many foreign investors have targeted China market as their next expansion area. Nowadays, China lingerie market is regarded as one of those with highest potential. The Seventh Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Fair, praised as ¡®the annual vane of China underwear industry¡¯, was held successfully during 11th to 13th May at Shenzhen International Fair Center.

 The Seventh Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Fair

After seven-year development, SIUF has become one of the most professional underwear fairs within the Asia-Pacific area. Actually, the 7th SIUF achieved great development on many aspects.


Upgrade of Scale: the feast of cultural activities

'To promote underwear culture and to push forward industrial development’ is the aim of Chinese international underwear cultural week. The 2012 theme is titled as 'Small Underwear, Big Fashion, Profound Culture’. Charity party of the 7th SIUF was held on 10th May evening at Shenzhen Fair Center. This is the first time that charity concept is brought in to call more responsibility on underwear companies.

Exhibiting space of the 7th SIUF is over 50 thousand square meters, including hall No.1, No.5 and No.9. Over 500 exhibitors and 280 thousand visitors break the record of the past seven years. The participation of 20+ international brands makes it a modern underwear show in line with world fashion. Specific zone classification, such as cultural concept zone, college exclusive zone, lounge wear zone, fabric zone and machinery zone, enriches its idea and content. Comprehensive standard is greatly enhanced via five professional forums, five high quality underwear shows, two grand night parties and one design contest.


International cooperation: foreign and local underwear label to co-interpret latest fashion tendency

The participation of first-class foreign brand reflects the idea of shaping a global underwear fair. For example, Private Shop, universal agency of EU and US underwear labels in HK, showcased latest items of Aubade, Chantelle, Princesse Tam Tam, Ritratti and Nubra in this three-day event; Country Girl, Etam, Miss Promise and Wocoal presented their latest idea and technology to the attendees.

Except for Global Intimate Wear, mass media agencies, such as Sohu, Ifeng, FashionTV, Intima, Creations and CNTV got together to launch feature reports about this great event.


Zone Introduction

The 7th SIUF is divided into 7 different areas, including lingerie zone, men’s underwear zone, cultural zone, lounge wear zone, international zone, fabric zone and machinery zone. With over 50 thousand square meters exhibiting space, 500 exhibitors and 280 thousand visitors, the show is the largest one over the past seven years.

The 7th SIUF: Floor Scenes

The 7th SIUF: Floor Scenes

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'Meeting’ International Lingerie Label Catwalk Show

International brands, such as Aubade, Princesse Tam Tam, Country Girl and Swear, parade their 2012 collections to lead latest fashion trends.

SIUF 2012 Aubade Lingerie Catwalk   SIUF 2012 Princesse Tam Tam Lingerie Catwalk  SIUF 2012 Marie Jo Lingerie Catwalk

Aubade  (more...)                              Princesse Tam Tam  (more...)                        Marie Jo  (more...) 

SIUF 2012 Andra Lingerie Catwalk   SIUF 2012 Ritratti Lingerie Catwalk   SIUF 2012 Miss Promise Lingerie Catwalk

     Andra  (more...)                                           Ritratti  (more...)                                       Miss Promise  (more...)

SIUF 2012 Country Girl Lingerie Catwalk   SIUF 2012 Swear Lingerie Catwalk   SIUF 201
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