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St.sun Launches SS 2013 Underwear Fabrics

Aug 27,

Since St.sun pupa protein fiber was launched in market, it is paid more and more attention by underwear industry, for its silk-like smoothness and cashmere-like softness, as well as 18 kinds of amino acids contained in silkworm chrysalis protein that can moisturize skin, prevent ultraviolet, and protect environment.

Baku Swimwear in Different Fabrics

Aug 25,

Today, women are aware that along with the style and cut of the beachwear, it is also important to choose the fabric with great care to get the most comfort and best fit.

2012 Elastic Fiber & Fashion Fabric Summit Held in Hangzhou

Aug 24,

2012 Elastic Fiber and Fashion Fabric Summit, hosted by CCFGroup, opens in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou today. Attendees have been over 300. The topic of the forum involves Elastic & Fashion¡ªCurrent Knitting Textile Market and Outlook and others.

Water-soluble Lace¡¯s Use in Lingerie

Aug 23,

Water-soluble lace not only has a nice name but beautiful fabric. You must have meet this kind of fabric used in lingerie but you may ignore what water-soluble lace really is. Today, let me tell you something about this gorgeous lace.

High-Tech Fabrics used in Competitive Swimwear

Aug 21,

The latest scientific materials are used in creating swimwear for competitive sports in the water such as triathlon and swimming. These types of materials are usually fabrics made of nylon or spandex, with features that reduces resistance against water

China Textile Firms Intend to Purchase Australia¡¯s Cotton Farm

Aug 21,

Chinese textile firms avert their eyes to Australia¡¯s largest and best cotton farm, aiming to utilize local resource advantage, including complete dam, low cost planting condition and high quality cotton.

World Cotton Trade Forecasts to Fall in 2012/13

Aug 20,

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that global cotton trade in 2012/13 is projected at 37.2 million bales, down 16 percent from last season¡¯s second highest on record¡ª44.3 million bales.

World 2012/2013 Cotton Estimates to Rise

Aug 17,

World Agricultural Outlook Board (WAOB) publishes cotton supply & Demand estimates for August 2012.

China's Fabric Designer Delegation to Visit Europe

Aug 16,

The Product Division of the National Textile Product Development Center will organize relevant designers of textile fabrics to Europe in September 10 to mid-September 2012 for visit to exhibition, enterprises, exchange and studies as well as professional activities in theory practice.

China May Maintain the Cotton Import Limit This Year

Aug 14,

China is likely to reap bumper cotton output this year, and as such, to reduce pressure on domestic cotton stocks, the Government may not allow cotton imports beyond the limit set for the current year, the China Cotton Association (CCA) has said.

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