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USITC Expedites Review of Chinese Polyester Staple Fiber

Aug 13,

The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC or Commission) has voted to expedite its five-year ("sunset") review concerning the antidumping duty order on certain polyester staple fiber from China.

Invista Commercially Introduces W Technology Lycra Fibre in USA Intimate Apparel Market

Aug 11,

Fibre maker Invista has commercially launched its Lycra with W Technology into the North American market, which it says offers a new level of performance in intimate apparel.

Introduction of Anhui Huamao Group--Cotton Yarn & Dyed Fabric Manufacturer

Aug 09,

Anhui Huamao Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned fabric wholesaler that is based in the historical Anqing City in Anhui Province, which is located by the bank of the famous Yangtze River.

Global Stocks and Chinese Plicies Influence Cotton Prices

Aug 07,

In 2011/12, the considerable increase in global cotton stocks combined with declining mill use triggered a significant decline in international cotton prices. Exceptionally high cotton imports by China (5.2 million tons) triggered by domestic policies were the main factor preventing a more pronounced fall in international prices.

Hygcell Fiber Fabrics Is Invented

Jul 31,

Shaoxing Lanhai Fiber Technology Co., Ltd launched a new type of fiber--- Hygcell fiber, which has been applied into medical field.

China's Cotton Imports Report

Jul 30,

In June 2012, China imported 476,000 tons of cotton, an increase of 356,000 tons, an increase of 296.6% y/y ;From September 2011 to June 2012, China imported a total of 4.729 million tons of cotton, an increase of 2.518 million tons, an increase of 113.9% y/y .

China-Tanzania Cotton Cooperation to Establish

Jul 27,

To help the Tanzanian cotton farmers who suffered heavy losses due to lack of market for their cotton, the Chinese Government has put forth a proposal for establishing a trading cooperation with Tanzania.

Cotton Prices Decline in Second Quarter of 2012

Jul 26,

Product prices, mainly textile products, such as cotton textiles, polyester/ cotton textiles and rayon textiles, decreased to a certain extent in the second quarter of 2012 under the influence of various unfavorable factors.

Report from Cosmetic Textile Symposium in Paris (Part II)

Jul 25,

After the part 1 of Summary Report from Cosmetic Textile Symposium at Interfiliere Paris & Mode City Paris, let¡¯s look at the left part 2 together.

Specialty Polyethylene Fiber Project to Be Set Up in Zhenjiang

Jul 25,

Recently, the Textile College of Wuhan Textile University signed an agreement with the office of Dagang Street in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province on setting up a project for industrial production of specialty polyethylene fiber with structure similar to spider silk, i.e.

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