Today¡¯s interview is with Melissa Odabash, an exhibitor of Interfiliere Shanghai 2013.

How many times have you been in the exhibition? What’s your expectation? Why do you choose Shanghai to publicize your products?

This is my first time to attend the exhibition. In my opinion, it is not only a good opportunity to know about the Chinese market, manufacturers and consumers, but also a good chance to be aware of the fashion trends in China as well as Chinese people 's understanding on clothing . Melissa Odabash is sold in 48 countries over the world including Hong Kong, but the mainland of China is still a virgin land, which is full of potential and opportunity. I’m eager to open the Chinese market. At present, Chinese consumers purchase my products on the official website, which increase the purchase costs containing duties, freightage and other costs. And opening up the Chinese market can be a good solution to this problem. In addition, the Chinese production line can also be adjusted in order to make it more adaptable with the body of Asian female. As for the 3rd question, I choose Shanghai because it is an international metropolis, which is topic of the people around me. Since many international brands have come to this city, as for me, it is also a good opportunity.


What are the advantages of your brand? Whether will you provide advanced custom services or not?

According to my observation, nowadays there is no similar product of Melissa Odabash on the market, which makes me without any opponents at present. What’s more, the range of my products is so wide that people from 25 to 70 can find their swimwear. Swimwear trend will gradually invade Shanghai and then Asia. Other countries have a very deep culture of swimwear, which is becoming a part of their lives. However, in Shanghai it is not the case. What makes Chinese market different is that in China women always wear swimwear just for beauty but not for swimming. What’s more, the skin of Asian is quite different with European’s, so I will be more cautious on the choice of colors and spend more energy to study the Asian market. We offer advanced custom services in the UK, but Asia is still under the consideration.

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