Today's interview is with Ms Vannina Vesperini, designer and founder fof the lingerie brand Vannina Vesperini. In the interview, she told us her strategy about Vannina Vesperini how to enter chinese market.

UW: what is your purpose of attend this exhibition? What do you expect for?

V: I hope I can find the suitable and actual partners in this exhibition. To the partners, first I need trust my sense, then we must have the same things to share. Beside that I also want to promote our products and appeal to more costumers. For me China is a big marker without developed, I hope I can introduce my brand by attending more this kind of exhibition, I am ready for it even though it will be a long and tough tour. This was the first step that Vannina Vesperini enters china market which set up a 20 square meters showcase.

UW: Please introduce the style and targeted consumer of your company’s products for us, and describe the character about products you brought this time.

V: I have visited many stores in china this time and found Chineses love and follow the fashion. The character of my products are innovation and color, there are 16 kinds colors that I divided them into summer-color and winter-color, they are all suitable for day and night. My products are strong feminine and seductive and very suitable for the women that want to be attractive all the time. Even that I try my best to keep balance between sexy and innocent, because that is the most charming for the women, the most important is elegant and not brilliant, so my design is less decoration, simple and modern. Vannina Vesperini has no specific targeted consumers, because I found those seventy years old women still have many choices to colors, all of chasing beauty, fashion, sexiness women can follow Vannina Vesperini, of course, also include the gentlemans who want to buy lingeries for women they love.

UW: Your company’s products’ design always base on the silk, why focus on it? Will you adjust for the Chinese market?

V: First, I personally like the quality and tough- feeling of silk very much, it is comfortable, then I think silk is eco-friendly and has not much chemicals. Chinsese market is more traditional but promising, we need try our best to adapt and adjust if want to enter it deeply. I will adjust on the sizes and shapes, but not for the style of design, fabrics and patterns.

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