As the season warms and we turn our attention to swimwear, I decided to catch up with international model, Nell Robinson to talk about her exciting new swimwear label, Bang!, which she founded with friend and business woman, Ann Marie Clarke.


Can you tell us a little about how you and your business partner (Ann Marie Clarke) work together? What roles do you each play in this exciting new brand?


We work together on designing the range and then Ann Marie works mostly on sourcing and business strategy as she comes from a fashion buying background and I focus more on marketing and social media. Its a great partnership as we’re both really close friends so its easy to work together. We also learn a lot from each other as although both of our fields are related to the fashion industry they’re also very different.


What type of woman is Bang! Swimwear designed for?


Bang Swimwear is designed for the fashion-focused female who wants to make a statement at the beach and feel great in what she is wearing.


Rihanna has been seen wearing your designs, that must have been a great moment for such a new brand?


Yes, it was such an incredible moment for Bang! when Rihanna instagrammed a ‘selfie’ in our yellow Electric Guitar bikini. The photo had about 700,000 likes and helped spark a tremendous amount of interest in our brand.


Do you have a personal favorite from the collection?


My favourite would have to be Synthesizer. It’s a one piece swimsuit with fabrics resembling distressed denim and leather. It’s so unique and there isn’t anything quite like it out there.


Obviously you look fabulous in a bikini, can you share your top tips for looking beach-ready with Lingerie Stylist readers?


I hit the gym about 3 times a week and I also have a good diet which consists of a lot of fish and fresh vegetables. I always use a high SPF and never spend too much time in the sun, especially at peak hours.

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