The 7th SIUF (Shenzhen International Underwear Fair) was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from May 11th to 13th. This exhibtion was larger with a scale of 51,000 sqm, and the exhibition halls had expaned to Hall 1, Hall 5 and Hall 9. Many famous domestic or international brands have participated in this exhibition. This is a good window for the brands to develop at home and invest outside. About how to steadily develop the domestic and overseas underwear market, we had an exclusive face-to-face interview with the boss of Divona Underwear (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Divona.

Q1: Divona is affiliated to Hongkong Divona Group, as a Hongkong-owned enterprise, how does Divona expand the China Mainland market?

The main reasions why we tried to open the China Mainland markets are based at home and aboard. The outside market is not so good as before, even getting worse. Owing to the financial crisis, many foeign countries epecially in Europe are decreasing their orders from China or the other countries. However, things are totally different in China Mailand whose underwear market is full of potential.

China has a population of 1.3 billion, which itself is a large market and since the rising economic in China, this market is being stronger and stronger. The investments of real estates and transportaions had been destructed, So it made us to turn our eyes to the Mainland market insteading of going outside. As the fashion trend of underwear outwear, from the outside to inside, you can find many commercial opportunities in Chinese underwear industry.

Q2: Unlike other signal-production enterprises, Divona offers an extensive production range of underwear from lingerie, loungewear, thermal underwear, hosiery, T-shirt, household items, etc. We are wondering that whether this brings benefits to your lingerie sales.

Of course this brings benefits to our lingerie sales, for the present, it’s hard for the signal-production brand to open its market. A store with large range of products would make the brand promoted better. And our idea of “Home Life Museum” is based on this situation.

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