The 7th SIUF (Shenzhen International Underwear Fair) was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from May 11th to 13th. This exhibtion was larger with a scale of 51,000 sqm, and the exhibition halls had expaned to Hall 1, Hall 5 and Hall 9. Many famous domestic or international brands have participated in this exhibition. This is a good window for the brands to develop at home and invest outside. About how to steadily develop the domestic and overseas underwear market, we had an exclusive face-to-face interview with the boss of Divona Underwear (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Divona.

Q3: Divona has launches many shoppes and exclusive shops as well as Home Life Museum in the cities around China. What’s your opinion upon the new marketing mode of “Home Life Museum”?

“Home Life Museum” goes with the development of economic and fashion. Owing to the fashion of unferwear outwear and people’s upgrading chase of life quality and taste. People pay much attention on loungewear, the signal bra or lingerie couldn’t  satisfy the customers. When people come to a lingerie store, they want more than lingerie. So if you can provide a complete range of underwear, you can grasp the commercial chance. However, different brands have differnet styles or orientation. For example, some are luxury, some are sexy, but some are eco or grils. Putting different brands of underwear may cause conflicts in harmony. It will make the purchasing too passive. Our products are created according to the market needs. So we Divona open the “Home Life Museum” ourselves which owns the unified brand culture and brand concept. The design, the style, In a word, “Home Life Museum” is a definite trend.

Q4: Loungewear is getting hotter, and Divona has your own loungewear line such as DFN. So what do you think of loungewear status in underwear industry?

Loungewear is definitely the trend nowadays and in the future. It results from the underwear as outwear trend, so loungewear should be fashion and keep pace with the trend.

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