Hou jianzhong, general director of HKJ Unwoven Textile, told to Global Intimate Wear how HKJ unwoven fabric affects the seamless underwear market.

 An Interview with General Director of HKJ Unwoven Textile

T-dots hot melt adhesive is invented by HKJ to let seamless underwear become more breathable, elastic and eco-friendly.


G: Global Intimate Wear, H: Hou jianzhong, general director of HKJ


G: Please give us a brief introduction about T-dots?

H: T-dots actually refers to a kind hot melt dots adhensive, which has been used by western brands for long. In China, many seamless underwear manufactures still apply to normal plastic film.


G: What are the differences between normal plastic film and T-dots film?

H: We integrate traditional plastic film with T-dots, which makes double layers fabric more elastic and breathable. More importantly, HKJ’s unwoven fabric enjoys better effect than other stretched fabrics.

As to price point, HKJ unwoven fabric is set between 20 RMB to 30 RMB per meter, while foreign product with the same technology at least needs 60 RMB per meter.


G: What kinds of products can apply to D-dots?

H: T-dots is mainly used in seamless underwear, shape wear and outdoors activewear.

In current condition, our business mainly come from foreign orders and domestic factories in small-and-medium size.


G: It is said that T-dots reaches the standard of Oeko-Tex, would you please explain why T-dots is defined as a kind of eco-friendly material?

H: HKJ insists to use PA instead of PU as the primary material of T-dots, which leads to our product more durable and natural.


G: In your opinion, how about the future of T-dots in the China market?

H: China market is a high potential market. But many customers still have no idea about the advantage of T-dots, even its existence. We need patience to promotion to open the domestic market.

Many companies show intense interest in our product during this three-day event. I am confident about the future of HKJ.

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