Industry Interview

Trends in Lingerie with Marie Weaver of Bare Sinsation

Dec 23,

In this Interview, we talk to Marie about the Trends in Lingerie, Lingerie Care, the Lingerie Business - everything you ever wanted to know about Lingerie.

An Interview with Period Corsets: The Corset Makers for the VS Lingerie Fashion Show

Dec 06,

Founded in 1997 by Rebecca Kaufman and Susan Davis, Seattle-based Period Corsets has been the official corsetiere for Victoria's Secret for three now, and we are excited to feature these talented designers with an interview.

INTERVIEW: UK Lingerie Highstreet Retailer Ann Summers MD Vanessa Gold

Nov 24,

Ann Summers managing director Vanessa Gold talks exclusively to Kat Slowe about her new role and the big changes that she will be implementing in the company over the next few years.

"Everyday starts with lingerie"-Meeting and Speaking with Lisa Rozycki

Nov 22,

We had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Lisa Rozycki on earlier this year, owner of the online boutique She has created an online boutique that delivers quality product and high-end customer service to her all her shoppers.

Interview: Warmth Intimate Wear Label Xiudai Marketing General Bo Wang

Nov 22,

What is the main reason for birth for "new concept warmth intimate wear" in China? How should a warmth wear manufacturer encounter this problem and how to survive in the future warmth wear market? Here Mr. Wang will share his opinions on the issues with us.

Interview with Alexium's Business Development Director John Almond

Nov 17,

It's been a year of solid achievement for Alexium in commercialising its potentially disruptive RST technology. The company is working with major prospective commercial partners and also started-up a new production line at its headquarters in Greer in South Carolina, USA, which triples its capacity. And Alexium's Business Development Director John Almond reports that the first mass market applicati...

A Moment with Mr. Qinghai Ke, A Pioneer in China Maiden Lingerie Marketing

Nov 11,

Today, we are honored to have Mr. Qinghai Ke, the first entrepreneur in China to engage in researches on proper marketing strategies in maiden lingerie sales, to decipher current maiden lingerie market development in China.

A Moment with Lingerie Designer Susan Beischel

Nov 05,

Time to update your boudoir-bound threads? Look no further than Skin, the recently-expanded collection by Susan Beischel. The luxuriant basics, which began with loungewear, have been donned, second skin-style, by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Jessica Simpson and Martha Stewart. Chic chatted up Beischel for the basics on her not-so-basic line of wear-everywhe...

Interview with Eternal Reign Founder Emily Liptak

Sep 29,

Eternal Reign founder and entrepreneur Emily Liptak talks to Kat Slowe from Lingerie Insight about her new lingerie brand Eternal Reign and her journey from life as a Korean orphan to forming the starting blocks of a new business empire.

Exclusive Interview with Helene Ponot the Underwear Corsetery Designer

Sep 06,

After the local designer training course, French lingerie designer Helene Ponot sat down with Renee from Global Intimate Wear and shared with us her experience of establishing her own brand, her thoughts and suggestions on lingerie industry and others.

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