Since St.sun pupa protein fiber was launched in market, it is paid more and more attention by underwear industry, for its silk-like smoothness and cashmere-like softness, as well as 18 kinds of amino acids contained in silkworm chrysalis protein that can moisturize skin, prevent ultraviolet, and protect environment.

St.sun pupa protein fiber is a new type biomass fiber which comprehensively utilizes the polymer technology, chemical fiber spinning technology and biological engineering technology to blend pupa protein with natural fiber. High technology is adopted during processing, so when fiber takes its shape, protein can densely gather together in the fiber’s surface to form the skin-core structure protein fiber.

The invention of this new type natural biomass fiber, made with quality animal protein+pure natural plant fiber and winning the national invention patent, is another big innovation in world man-made fiber history and create a new era in the history of the fiber.

Under the whole background of the shortage about global oil resources, synthetic fiber production cost will gradually increase, and the growth volume will also be restrained too. Moreover, as the improvement of the living standards, people have higher demands textile products’ comfort and eco-friendly. Nature functional textile products gradually dominate market. After several years’ research and development, Yibin Grace Group successfully invented “St.sun” pupa protein fiber, resembling silkworm silk with its light and elegant appearance and cashmere with its smooth and soft touch. It offers more choices for high-grade textiles & apparels design and development.

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