Lingerie Stores' scale always are not very big and built near the residential area and merchandise street, so there are two promoting principles we need to comply: 1, The scale of the promoting-products is small, 2, The targeted consumers are the persons who live near the residential area and merchandise street.

1, advertising by yourself

This kind of advertisement doesn't need lots of money and it work very fast, it is a common promoting-way in serve industry. Specific steps: produce POP ad broad, light box or street signs and put them in front of your store.

2, Outdoor-Promotion

Distribute leaflets by your salesclerks and build the sale sector; hire sale girl to sell product at the scene in the initial stage; set up the information desk for clients to answer their question about the promotion and tranact formality so on.

3, Fitting Activities

This is a basic way about brand promotion, especially to those stores which in the initial period, it can build the brand image quickly.

4, Gift giving

Gift giving also need to be targeted, the gift can't be given out unconditionally, otherwise it will lose its value, just for a stir sensation is not worth. Gift giving not only need to get brand's name known, also need to connect with brand's reputation-improvement and brand image.

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