Hunger marketing really affects business. However, when the negative effects appear, maybe the brands should give up this kind of special means. The limited edition of ¡°Marni at H&M¡± promoted by fast fashion giant H&M and Marni was put on sale on March 8th, 2012. Curiously, we found that there are a lot of people standing in front of the gate of H&M shop in Xidan, Beijing, at 22:00, March 7th. Look at these consumers; they are aunties and workers who aren¡¯t the target consumer group of this fast fashion giant. What happened?

From business point, Hunger Marketing is a rapier. It creates goods scarce situation and promotes the brand value in a short time, attracting people to snap up and making higher profits.

Nevertheless, as time goes by, when the consumers get the truth behind this hunger marketing, it will make you lose the Brand Public Praise. Some experts said “The success of marketing couldn’t stand for the successes of design and technology, and this kind of marketing could only flicker Chinese consumers over a period of time. H&M is playing with concept but the standard of big brand.”

Li Guangdou, the expert of brand strategy thought that the ticket scalper is H&M’s Hunger Marketing, which could upgrade its brand value. However, only the smart consumers won’t be fooled.

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