With the theme of ¡°Green Fashion¡±, China International Fashion Week (SS14 Collection) launched ¡®Ordifen Cup¡¯ 2013 China Lingerie Design Competition in Beijing on October 30th.

Mercedes - Benz China International Fashion Week kicked off the stage again on October 30th, 2013, and 'Ordifen Cup’ 2013 China Lingerie Design Competition shines as usual. Under the joint initiative of China Fashion Designers Association and Ordifen brand, top designers from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen co-sponsored the declaration of "Green Fashion".


"We take our practical action to enhance the awareness of environmental responsibility, lead low-carbon consumption trends, promote green lifestyle as well as build a happy homeland." The company said.


Today, Ordifen uses every piece, every design and every action to interpret the new mean of love, leading a new fashion trend in industry. And this competition, hold by China Fashion Designers Association and Ordifen International Group, is as a "everlasting " star for China International Fashion Week, which has been shining for 9 years.


Here below are some pieces from the competition. Appreciate!


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