Being a fast growing and vast market in the lingerie sector, China is an attractive cake to all of us. Here I would like to share with you some news from Shanghai Mode Lingerie to let you know more about the condition and tendency of Chinese lingerie market.

Shanghai Mode Lingerie

As the most fast growing economy in the very whole world, chinese domestic market is skyrocketing every very second, especially in the lingerie sector. According to newest statistics, Chinese lingerie market represents around 3 billion EURO in overall revenue in 2010 and this is growing at around 10% each year. However, on account of the relatively late development of its domestic market, competition in the current market is not as fierce as the western countries. There are no predominating brands like Chantelle in French, Victoria's Secret in USA and Marks and Spencer in UK, thus offering a brilliant chance for international brand, such as Triumph, to snatch immense market shares of china in recent year.

Its high potential  is based on two main elements.On one hand, the Chinese female consumer are in a perfect ages to afford intimate garment. As you may have known, age is one of the most sensitive factors in the sector of lingerie. Customers in a right age range are the main source of income. Such a vast Chinese market includes approximately 525 million women over 15, in which 21% are between 15 and 24 years of age, and 41% are in the 25 to 44 age range.

On the other hand, the consumption power of Chinese female are underestimated and their incomes are still rising at a firm pace. More than 850000 Chinese consumers have an income of over 10 million RMB, in which there are around 140 million Chinese consumers in the top tier of spending. These figures mean, in a board sense, each person is willing to spend around 300 EURO per year for apparel, which shows off their upwardly-mobile lifestyle.

Here I will unveil the mainstream lingerie trends of this secret angle.

First, more and more Chinese women prefer to buying commodities online, which makes for an impressive potential market for e-commence.

Second, in terms of the top, Chinese women, primarily A and B cups in bras, want products in the right size. It means they have paid more attention on quality and comfort rather than quantity and price. Furthermore, in terms of the bottom, light control items with luxurious touches and embellishments become popular products to enhance and slim their silhouette. In addition, since apartments are not heated, homewear and warmwear are key products for Chinese women.

Third, white, pastels and red are the top colors in China for lingerie.

Fourth, young and affluent Chinese women want to live the luxury life, and this is reflected in the growing appetite for delicate swimwear on holidays in the sun, or for elegant loungewear to enjoy at home.

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