Men¡¯s Underwear Survey Reveals...

    Feb 29,

    100% of men admit to having to 'adjust' themselves throughout the day.Some Are Hoarders, Holding Onto a Pair Longer than a Spouse.90% have a Special Pair.

    7 Weird Underwear Habits That Are Actually Totally Normal

    Feb 29,

    Sometimes in life, it can be tricky to know if the things you're doing are totally weird or downright normal. So you might be pleased to discover that your weird underwear habits are likely things everyone else does, too.

    A Former CK Underwear Model Ages, if Only in a Leap Year

    Feb 29,

    Antonio Sabato Jr. remembers unveiling the huge photograph on a billboard in Times Square in 1996 ¡ª the 90-foot-tall image of him with a defiantly seductive look in his eyes and almost no clothes on, only black bikini briefs.

    Underwear upstarts vying for lingerie loot

    Feb 26,

    There¡¯s plenty of money in the underwear drawer.

    5 Kinds Of Underwear That Can Be Bad For Your Health

    Feb 23,

    These days, as body positivity and sex positivity are on the rise, you'd think we'd all be free to wear whatever underwear we want. And, for the most part, we most certainly are ¡ª but unfortunately, there are technically certain kinds of underwear that are bad for you.

    Taylor+Rani, underwear that gives

    Feb 15,

    New teen underwear brand Taylor + Rani designs reversible soft bras with matching bottoms that empower both the wearer and a sister in need across the world.

    A smart underwear to get that perfect body posture

    Jan 29,

    A Japanese company has developed an underwear which keeps track of your body posture. If your posture is incorrect, you get a notification on your smartphone.

    Justin Bieber ¡®Flaunts¡¯ His CK Underwear

    Jan 27,

    Calvin Klein is "back in bed" with Justin Bieber.

    This sexy underwear line pixelates your booty

    Jan 23,

    The new brand of underwear puts pixelated computer graphics into very wearable and chic panties.

    Inside out: How to wear underwear as outerwear

    Jan 18,

    From the elegance of Coco Chanel in silk lounging pyjamas to the provocation of Madonna in a cone-shaped bra, the idea of underwear as outerwear is nothing new. But this season the lingerie trend is impossible to keep under wraps. Slippery, sensuous dresses, barely there camisoles, sheer chiffon baby-dolls, silk robes and even big schoolgirl knickers were a staple in collections by brands from B...

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