Fandecie Offers Romantic & Sexy Lingerie for Girls

    Dec 24,

    Fandecie is a subordinated brand of Embryform and it always brings healthy and comfortable lingerie to the young girls. Here, the brand brings its new lingerie pieces in romantic and sexy way, aiming to create a colorful and sweet world for girls.

    Fandecie Launches 2013 ¡®COME & PLAY¡¯ Magic Party

    Nov 06,

    The three days of Fandecie ¡®COME & PLAY¡¯ Magic Party was passionately launched in Shenzhen KKMALL shopping center on November 1st, 2013. Customers in Shenzhen finally welcomed a magic party from Fandecie, a young & fashionable subordinated brand of the international famous underwear- Embryform Group, after the party launched in Chengdu and Guangzhou.

    Fandecie Introduces Bridal Lingerie Series

    Sep 07,

    Recently, Fandecie has released a group of lovely bridal lingerie series, which full of girls-like purity, romance, and saturated with women's sex appeal and amorous feelings. The new bridal lingerie range is a good choice for matching with wedding gowns and dresses, making it as a secret weapon for lovely ¡®S¡¯ brides.

    Fandecie SS13 Colorful & Seamless Lingerie Collection

    Jul 23,

    Insisting on adhering to the elegant concept on material, color, detailed decoration and craftsmanship of every product, lingerie brand Fandecie brings their colorful and seamless lingerie collection for 2013 spring and summer. Fandecie not only attaches great important to the appearance of lingerie, but also pays more attention to the comfort and health. So please follow Fandecie to enjoy the colo...

    Fandecie Rocks Nautical Navy Style for Summer 2013

    Apr 23,

    Let's picture that in our heads. The summer has been officially here and the breeze brings the freshness from the sea. It¡¯s time for you to let your mind go for an adventure. The peak of fashion should be marked by freedom, and in this summer, Fandecie¡¯s new navy style creations are sure to provide such great feeling and cheer.

    Fandecie's Lightful & Seamless Underwear in 2013

    Jan 21,

    Adhering to the ice cream color in 2012, Fandecie has launched its 2013 lightful & Seamless underwear collection. The new collection in cream color with seamless lace, brings fantastic and sweet dreams for the coming romantic spring and summer, relaxing the body and mind. Enjoy!

    Fandecie Launches Art Concept Store

    Nov 28,

    After launched a lingerie Pop-Up store in Chengdu China earlier, Fandecie, Embryform Group¡¯s young lingerie label, now launches its art concept store with its fashion trip of ¡°Fandecie Come & Play Magic Vanguard Party¡± gorgeously opening in Guangzhou.

    Fandecie Underwear Launches Pop-up Store in Chengdu China

    Aug 22,

    Fandecie, young lingerie label of Embryform Group launched a lingerie pop-up store in Chengdu China earlier this week. It is said that it is the very first pop-up store in Chinese lingerie industry.

    Gallery: Fandecie Spring/Summer 2012 Lingerie Collection

    Mar 29,

    Vivid and poetic, Chinese lingerie brand Fandecie SS12 lingerie collection features vibrant hues and radiant fabrics to. Wild leopard prints and shiny satins take inspiration from summery atmosphere, while feminine lace trimmings and refined embroideries have a romantic touch with spring natural scenes. Besides, graphic patterns can be wild seen in the new collection. All the collections will be av...

    Chinese Fandecie 2011 SS lingerie Collection

    Jun 10,

    2011 SS catwalks open the color times using colourful, contrasting and bright colors to present this seasonal trendy hot spots, naturally, the lingerie is no exception. 2011 SS Fandecie new collection employs all kinds of bright colors to make you deeply experience cute, sexy, vibrant and sweet girly youth.

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